Two Poems by Simon Millward

Water Spearwort

Down the throat of the waterfall
the torrents sluice the earth clean pouring
all ways into a cauldron with such a frenzy
of power that causes only chaos
yet finds a way out into one current

while high on the edge of a mossy rock
spearwort leans over, maybe to see
how deep it is or wash its petals
in the spray, or perhaps just buffeted
there by a natural force
then finds there is no way back

so, before all this white fury - leaves, stalk,
and a yellow flower opened out like a tiny
parachute at the end of the curve.

page7waitingforittohappen Holding Ground

Waiting for it to happen

two pines dancing
coat-tails trailing
in near symmetry

two pines alone
in the snow leaning
towards each other

never quite touching


Simon writes: These poems and accompanying photographs are taken from a book An Invitation which is a collaboration between myself and photographer Amoghavira over a period of seven years or so. It’s located in the glen of Balquhidder on the edge of the Trossachs in Scotland. The area is known as a thin place, one that is special, magical, where the boundary between heaven and earth is particularly thin or in Celtic times where there is a thinning of the boundary between our world and the faery world, in either case making it easier to pass from one to the other. It is Rob Roy country, his retreat house situated at the head of the glen and his body buried in the village churchyard. The Braes of Balquhidder is a well known traditional song written by poet-weaver Robert Tannahill, now better known as ‘Wild mountain thyme’ covered by The Byrds and many others. Both Amoghavira and I enjoy spending time in the surrounding hills and by loch Voil opening up to their beauty and those special moments of letting go when you can be really present in the landscape. Hopefully the poems and photographs capture some of that experience. Many of the poems were written as a direct response to the images but some were composed in the actual place and the photographs came second.

An Invitation is available, cost £15 plus £2 postage and packing, through Simon by emailing or through the Dhanakosa website


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  1. Good to see some of Simon’s poems here.

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  2. Magical poetry and stunning photograph of the trees

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