path-festooner, soft moss-carpeted
modest spindled thing, budding shoots
firing on brown cylinders, thicket-maker
crouching in the fugitive spring

small curator of small creatures
dormice alive with ink-filled eyes
nightingales spilling songs
into the dusk of Kentish skies

catkin-quiverer, water-diviner
bendy-branched earth mystery-seeker
caterpillar-cradler, sweet nut-giver
quiet tree, my secret keeper

Victoria Field

Victoria writes: This poem is one of many I’ve written about the Blean, one of England’s largest areas of ancient woodland that spreads across East Kent, just north of Canterbury where I live.  I walk there regularly and have come to know the trees and paths intimately, and to enjoy the bird life, especially the nightingales in spring.  ‘Hazel’ was first published in Anima, http://www.animapoetry.uk/magazine/ a magazine edited by Marcus Sly and Alyson Hallett, which I highly recommend.

My writing life includes poetry, fiction, drama, translation and memoir and I also work as a biblio-poetry therapist, using literature and writing in the community to build connection – with ourselves, each other and the wider world. More details on www.thepoetrypractice.co.uk


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  1. Oh Vicky I so love this poem and its magic; these lines in particular:

    …thicket-maker /
    crouching in the fugitive spring //

    small curator of small creatures
    dormice alive with ink-filled eyes…

    Oh and the last stanza. Oh, and the rest, too.

    Thank you; and you, Fiona, for posting it. Image is great too!
    Roselle xx

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  2. Thank you for this tender poem, and for the introduction to Anima

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  3. Thank you Roselle and Ann – very pleased to be on this beautiful website with other poets I admire – Vicky

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  4. I love this too, especially ‘budding shoots/firing on brown cylinders’. A beautiful poem which takes you right inside the heart of the tree and the wood. Do you know the work of Frances Presley published by Shearsman? Her most recent collection is ‘halse for hazel’. She’s an interesting landscape and environmental poet, quite experimental in use of both language and form, and worth checking out.

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